Top 10 Diamond Ring Designs That Women Find it Charming

Diamonds are the gemstones that have attracted mankind since their discovery. Their brilliant nature is the reason why it is so popular among people and also the reason why it is widely used in the jewellery industry. In addition to that the excellent durability of these stones make them a perfect choice jewellery that is long lasting. Diamonds are commonly used as a part of engagement rings because of two main reasons. One is their beautiful appearance and the other is the meaning they carry. Diamonds are believed to stand for true and eternal love making them the perfect gemstone for marriage proposals. Today there are several diamond ring designs that are available in the market. The most popular with women are the following.

Unique cut diamond ring

The cut of the diamond stone plays an important role in the appearance of the ring. The most popular cut for diamonds when it comes to rings is the round cut diamonds. However, most people nowadays look for something offbeat and unique therefore opt for diamond cuts that are not mainstream. Therefore, unique cuts such as oval shaped diamonds, baguette cuts and marquise cut diamonds are diamond cuts that are rising in demand day by day.

Solitaire rings

Solitaire engagement ring is the gold standard when it comes to engagement rings and most women love the simplicity of the design. It is very hard to go wrong with a solitaire ring. A solitaire diamond ring is one in which the ring band hold a singular stone that is perched on top of it. This simple design beautiful with the single diamond attracting all the attention. Since this ring design has just one diamond, it is one of the most affordable ring designs in the market.

Chevron diamond ring

The chevron ring has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times because of its unique shape. This inverted V shape ring holds special meaning and signifies prosperity and hope. The chevron diamond ring can have tiny diamonds in pave setting or a single diamond at the tip of the inverted V. Both designs look stunning and are an absolute steal.

Halo diamond rings

Another design that is growing in popularity is the halo diamond rings. Halo diamond rings are the ones in which the centre stone is surrounded by a row of tiny diamonds along its entire circumference. This diamond halo provides extra brilliance and shine to the ring and is the reason why so many people are loving this design. This design gives you the illusion of the diamond being of a higher carat weight than it actually is. This design also gives you the option of making bespoke engagement rings where you can change the shape, type and colour of the stones.

Hidden halo diamond rings

A hidden halo diamond ring has a similar design as that of the halo diamond rings except for the fact that the diamond halo is placed beneath the girdle of the centre stone. The advantage of this design is that it gives extra brilliance to the centre stone and makes it appear larger because the light is reflected from beneath the centre stone as well. When you see this ring from above, you will not be able to see the halo. You will only be able to view from the side.

Tension set diamond rings

A modern ring design that is slowly becoming the trend is the tension set diamond ring. It is a minimalistic design that is unlike any other and adds a touch of class to the ring. In this design the centre stone of the ring is held in place between the two ends of the metal band by the use of compression forces. The central stone appears to be floating between the ends of the ring band giving the ring a distinctive look. The metals bands may be given a U shape that looks like a half bezel setting for extra security.

Trilogy diamond rings

Also known as the three stone ring, trilogy diamond rings are the rage these days. As the name suggests, these rings feature three stones i.e. one large centre stone that is flanked by two smaller stones on either side. The diamonds used can be of the same size or different size, same or different colour, mined diamonds or lab grown diamonds as per your preference. You can also use different coloured gemstone in a pattern that is unique to your ring.

Pave set diamond ring

Pave set diamond ring designs is a design in which tiny identical diamonds are places in a row next to each other creating a line of diamonds. This design is a simple one but exudes the elegance and charm of multiple diamonds. Since there are many small diamonds included in this design, the brilliance of the ring increases and attracts attention. The continuous row of diamonds has no beginning and no end and therefore represents eternity. This is the reason why these rings are referred to as eternity rings and are a popular wedding anniversary gift.

Vintage diamond rings

Vintage diamond rings are the rings whose design has been inspired by the past rings. These rings feature milgrain detailing, braid motifs and intricate metal work which are features of the bygone era and are seen less in the modern designs. These rings also tend to have the cathedral setting with navette style that was very stylish in the Victorian Era. There is a special charm associated with an old school ring design that makes it very special.

Coloured diamond rings

Diamonds are synonymous with colourless, white brilliant stones but recently, coloured varieties of diamonds have been introduced into the market and have taken the jewellery industry by storm. Coloured diamonds were rare in the past but now with the introduction of the lab grown diamonds they have become more available. People who love a dash of colour on their rings can choose from a variety of coloured diamonds from Flawless Fine Jewelry in Hatton Garden.