Types of clasps found on Gold Jewellery

One of the most prized possessions of our wardrobes is the precious jewellery that we own that includes gold, platinum and diamond jewellery. And not considering the type of jewellery, all of us would never like to lose any particular precious jewellery item just because it wasn’t sturdy enough to hold on to your body part. This is where the functions of clasps come into picture. Clasps or fasteners are the part of your jewellery that is used to fasten the jewellery around your body part. They are extremely essential part of jewellery and yet are overlooked most of the time. Clasps for a part of necklaces, anklets and bracelets and ensure that these jewellery items remain steadfast and don’t fall off. One should be careful while buying precious jewellery and ensure that these items have a sturdy clasp. Here are few types of clasps found on gold jewellery that you should be aware of before going for shopping and buying them.

Spring Ring Clasp

Frequently seen as a part of a gold bangle clasp or a gold necklace clasp, a spring ring clasp is one in which there is a metal circle that works on the spring mechanism. When you pull the small lever it generated a small opening in the circle through which you have to insert the other end of the chain and release the lever for closure. They are ideal for lightweight gold jewellery.

Lobster Clasp

One of the most common types of clasps found on gold jewellery is the lobster clasp. This clasp resembles a lobster claw and is spring loaded featuring a self-closing feature. The mechanism involves pulling the lever down to open the clasp and releasing it to close and secure the jewellery item. This type of clasp is highly functional and can be designed according to the size of the chain.

Swivel Clasp

When a lobster clasp is attached with a swivel function that allows the clasp to rotate 360 degrees, it is known as a swivel clasp. It is very secure just like the lobster clasp and is used for jewellery that moves a lot because the clasp can easily move as well.

Bolo Clasp

A bolo clasp is essentially bead holding the two end of a chain that can be adjusted to a desired fit around any body part. They are one of the most stylish clasps that are ideal for sliding necklaces or bracelets that allow the user to decide the fit of the jewellery item. These clasps have a versatile design and are used as a gold necklace clasp or a gold bracelet clasp.

Bead / Ball Clasp

The bead or ball clasps are usually a part of a beaded chain having a bayonet or tab closure. Their appearance makes them blend beautifully with the beaded design and therefore they are used for jewellery that feature small balls or beads.

Barrel Clasp

One of the sturdiest types of clasps found on gold jewellery is the barrel clasps which are named so because they resemble a barrel when they twisted close. Also called as torpedo clasps, these clasps have to be twisted repeatedly in a certain direction to open or close them. They are not ideal for bracelets because it is difficult to do with one hand and for people who have issues with their hands. However, they are still used as a part of gold jewellery because they are extremely safe and sturdy.

Magnetic Clasp

A magnetic clasp is one in which both end of a jewellery item have magnetic properties and snap shut tightly when brought close to each other. They are a common type of gold magnetic clasp for necklaces that are light in weight. Even though strong magnets are used for making these clasps, they should not be used for heavy gold jewellery and for people having issues with hand dexterity.

Toggle Clasp

A simple clasp is the toggle clasp which features a long thin metal bar that is inserted vertically into a circular ring and adjusted horizontally to lock the clasp and secure it. These types of clasps are ideal for heavy gold jewellery and statement pieces because they are secure and do not come off easily. Additionally, they look very stylish and are therefore used as a part of casual gemstone jewellery with quirky geometric designs.

Box Clasp

A box clasp is one which is most frequently seen as a pat of diamond tennis bracelets. These elegant clasps have a box shaped frame with a hinge to cover the opening and work by inserting a tab into the box. These clasps have a beautiful design that merge seamless with the jewellery item and can be decorated for extra glamour. However, they cannot be used for heavy pieces of jewellery and are ideal for light gold jewellery.

Fishhook Clasp

A fishhook clasp is one of the rarest kind of clasp that you will come across. It has an elegant design and can be adorned with gemstones and carvings to make it look more exquisite. The mechanism features a hook shaped like a fishhook that goes and fits into a section inside the oval shaped enclosure. They are mostly preferred for necklaces since securing them with one hand can be difficult.

Hook Clasp

One of the oldest gold jewellery clasps that has been used for many years is the hook clasp. They have a simple and sturdy design that consists of an S shaped metal with one open end that hooks on to a ring and connects the open ends of a necklace or bracelet. These clasps allow you to adjust the length of the chain and are used in most types of gold jewellery.

Buckle Clasp

Buckle clasps have the traditional buckle design but as made of metal when they are used in jewellery. They are very secure but are not commonly used unless the jewellery is a part of a statement jewellery. It’s quite rare to come across a buckle clasp in a gold jewellery but you can make it a part of your customized jewellery in order to make a statement.