5 Trending Jewellery for a Canadian Bride

We humans like to adorn ourselves with jewellery for different occasions of our lives, one of which is our wedding day. Our wedding day is a special day in our life that marks the beginning of a married relationship with our significant other. One of the ways in which you can make it special is by dressing up for it appropriately and looking your best. Brides and grooms all over the world put in a lot of thought and effort in how they dress for their wedding. Jewellery is always a part of their outfit and wedding jewellery can range from simple vintage ornaments to statement pieces that look attractive. Wedding jewellery for women has evolved over a period of time from simple to bold. Although, some brides may still stick to a minimalist look most of them like to ride with the trend and wear statement pieces. Listed below are some trending wedding jewellery for a Canadian bride.

Statement Bridal Tiaras

Every bride wants to feel like a queen on her wedding day and one of the best ways to feel like one is to wear a beautiful tiara as a headgear just like royalty.As a bride, it is completely up to you whether you want to wear a headgear at all or not, but if you decide to then you can choose from the many varieties that are available ranging from the ones made of metal and stone to the ones made of flowers. Statement bridal tiaras inspired from the royal family tiaras are the trend right now and they look fabulous with or without a veil. This stylish hair accessory is a great choice of jewellery for a Canadian bride that adds a touch of royalty to the entire wedding ceremony.

Colorful Jewellery

A new trend that is being followed by many brides today is the use of colorful jewellery for their wedding day. The modern brides are ditching the traditional white dress and white stone jewellery and embracing jewellery with different hues because they are more vibrant, unique and celebratory. A color that most brides like to wear is blue because this color is believed to ward off the evil eye which brings bad luck to the bride. Chandelier earring, bracelets and rings having blue sapphire accents have become a popular addition to the wedding jewellery.

Family Heirlooms

A wedding day is an emotional day for the bride and a great chance for her to pay homage to her ancestors and family members who mean the world to her. This is the reason why a lot of brides like to wear their family heirloom jewellery on their special day.It has become very common to see a bride wearing a white dress and most jewellery with modern designs with that one vintage style ring or earrings that probably belongs to her grandmother. They do not disrupt the outlook of the bride, instead add a hint classic regality to her appearance.

Sleek Bracelets

Sleek bracelets designs such as a diamond tennis bracelet has become very popular among brides who like to add that extra hint of sparkle to their wedding get up. Diamond tennis bracelets have a classic design consisting of a single row of diamonds around your wrist which makes them stand out in spite of their simple design. Brides should wear this bracelet on the right hand so as to not dim the sparkle of your wedding and engagement ring that you wear on your left hand.

Traditional Pearls

In the past, pearl jewellery was a staple in a brides outfit because of its royal look and color that matched with the brides white dress. Today, pearls have made a comeback where they are being used to make big and bold statement jewellery which is an absolute favorite among modern brides for the same reasons. Statement earrings, brooches and hairclips made of pearls are picked up by brides to add glamour and royalty to their wedding outfits.

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