5 Trending Jewellery for a Canadian Groom

Jewellery is something that has been associated with women for a very long time. However, in ancient times, both men and women used to adorn themselves with jewellery, especially the ones in Egypt. With time, men have started wearing more and more jewellery apart from the usual rings and chains. Their styles have become bolder and more men have started sporting fashion jewellery with pride. A wedding is big occasion and every effort is made by the groom to look his best on that day. On such occasions, jewellery becomes an essential part of the groom’s wardrobe because the small sparkling accents really elevate the man’s look. If you are getting married anytime soon and are looking for some trending jewellery to wear on your big day, then you can take some inspiration from the trending jewellery for a Canadian Groom that are listed below.

Link Bracelets

Link bracelets or chain bracelets are a jewellery item that look great, both on men and women. The link bracelets made for women are smaller and appear daintier as compared to ones made for men which have a slightly masculine look and make the perfect jewellery for a Canadian Groom. They come in a variety of styles and metals with silver and gold plated being the most popular ones.They are in trend right now because of their versatile design which suit both casual and formal occasions.

Cufflink with Crystal Accents

Cuff links are one of the most essential accessories that speak volumes about a man’s style. They are small and subtle ornaments that are worn on the cuff of a dress shirt. The right kind of cufflink is a great piece of jewellery for a Canadian Groom and therefore it is essential to pick the right one for your big day. The design that is trending for grooms right now is the one which has crystal accents because it has a sophisticated glamour about itself that has made it very popular among people.

Signet Rings

Signet rings have made a huge comeback in the jewellery markets due to their impeccable style and design which makes them a suitable jewellery item especially for men. The highlight of signet rings is the raised flat face on the ring that can be engraved with an emblem or something meaningful. Wearing a signet ring adds a touch of grace to the person’s appearance and can work wonders for the groom’s appearance on his wedding. There several designs of signet rings made in gold, silver and platinum that are available and, as a groom, you can choose something that aligns with your style.

Subtle or Statement Earrings

Earrings were once considered to be something which are exclusive to women. Nowadays even men like to pierce their ears and wear earrings that can range from simple studs to circular hoops and danglers. Since earrings have become a fashion statement for men, there are several designs available in the market which you can choose for your wedding day. If your style aligns more with the bold danglers then you can opt for dangling statement earring. If you wish to keep it simple and classic then you can choose between a colorless and a black diamond stud.


A brooch is the perfect jewellery to elevate a black tie look and is ideal for a groom on his wedding day. A brooch is jewellery item by means of which you can express yourself by wearing it on your tie or on your coat.  Brooches with jewelled accents look great for a grand occasion and lend that extra hint of sparkle which make them stand out.

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