A Guide to Wearing the Right Jewellery During The Winter Months

Winters are one of the most beautiful seasons of the year when most places are covered in snow giving a dreamy appearance to our surroundings. It’s a time when the Christmas festivities start in full force all across the world and the people are in a happy mood preparing for the big day. The dropping temperatures compel us wrap ourselves up in layers of clothing which is a stark contrast in comparison to our summer wardrobes. The ornaments that we wear during this season also see a change. Choosing the right kind of jewellery for your winter outfits can often be tricky. Here are a few tips to wearing the right jewellery during the winter months.

Looking fabulous in winters despite the numerous layers and covered skin will depend a lot on the jewellery you choose to wear. A few changes in the way you usually wear your jewellery can go a long way in making you look stylish irrespective of the weather. Certain gems and jewels are classic for winter months that can help you with your fashion goals. Make sure to have such ornaments in order to keep up you fashion game during winters.

Chunky Long chains

While layered chains and charms necklaces can be great for wearing with t shirts and tank tops in the summer months, they can compete for space among the many layers of sweaters and scarves that we wear during the cold season. The trick is to opt for a single long piece of a chunky necklace that will stand out despite the thick layers. When it comes to neck jewellery for winter, you can choose from a long chain statement necklace or a long necklace with a large statement pendant.

Stud earrings

Most of our body parts are covered during the winter months, but our ears are one part that is sparingly covered. Hence, wearing the right jewellery on the ears can attract a lot of attention to this part and add that extra sparkle to your outfits. Choose a good pair of studs for your lobes that will stand out and won’t interfere whether you are wearing a scarf or a turtle neck sweater.  You can choose a classic diamond stud that sparkles for a minimalistic look or statement studs that match your personality more.

Solitaire pendants

Solitaire diamonds make some of the most classic pieces of jewellery such as solitaire rings, earrings and pedants that are truly timeless and can be worn in any season. The simple design of solitaire pendants are such that they never go out of style. Wear them with a t shirt during summers or with a simple sweater during winters, solitaire pendants will never disappoint you. Invest in a beautiful solitaire pendant and wear to your holiday gathering for that extra bit of style. One of the best tips for wearing jewellery during winters is to go minimal and elegant.


One of the most underestimated pieces of jewellery are brooches. After disappearing from the fashion industry for quite some time, the brooch is slowly making a comeback thanks to the wide variety of brooches owned by Queen Elizabeth that she keeps wearing at different occasions. This vintage piece of jewellery holds immense power for it can be used to display your opinions and effortlessly upgrade you outfit especially during the winter season. A great addition to your coats and sweater, wear a vintage brooch this winter season and surprise your friends and family members during the Christmas gathering.

Pearl jewellery

Pearls are the perfect kind of jewellery for all seasons and particularly for winters because the colour of pearls tends to mimic the sparkling snow. Jewellery items made of pearls have a certain charm to it that makes them so versatile that they can be worn with cocktail dressed as well as winter pullovers. They add a touch of grace to the outfit you are wearing especially during the winter season. You can upgrade you winter fashion by wearing pearl earrings, necklace or bracelets. Having pearl jewellery as a part of your jewellery collection is essential for wearing the right jewellery throughout the year.

Hair Pins

Hair pins are another underrated accessory that is not given the importance that it deserves. The market for hair pins have grown over the years and today the market is flooded with beautifully decorated and embellished hair pins. Hair pins become an important accessory during the winters because they don’t tend to clash with the outfit that you are wearing. If you are not a fan of brooches and find it uncomfortable to wear jewellery along with many layers of clothing during winters, then wearing a statement hair pins on the head can be a great alternative to add that extra hint of sparkle.  Just make sure that you do not wear it if you are wearing heavy prints and embellished clothes for they would lose their attraction.

Bold rings and bracelets

The dainty stacked bracelets and rings are not quite recommended for the winter season as they may be cumbersome while you wear or remove you gloves. The best way to accessorize you are fingers and wrist is to opt for something that is bold, chunky and which can be worn as a single piece. Statement chain bracelets which are thick, large and made of gold, silver or rose gold pair very well with the ribbed sweaters turtle necks. Alternatively, chunky rings like signet rings and statement rings are ideal for winters because they are worn as a single piece and do not interfere with the winter clothing such as gloves.

The onset of winters doesn’t ever mean that you should overlook the power of jewellery to transform your appearance. Instead, you should mindfully shop for classic jewellery items for winters and make them a part of your collection. They key is to invest in jewellery that will attract attention despite the many layers of clothing.